Understanding the Best Food For Your Pet

Our Philosophy is "Value and Quality Matters" when it comes to your furry companion's health. That's why we choose natural foods and treats that provide nutrition that help dogs and cats health and promote a fulfilling lifestyle. Just as we require a nutritional diet to help maintain our health, cats and dogs require the same to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Pets are a part of the family and they deserve to live long, happy and healthy lives. Managing a proper diet is a huge contributor and is crucial to their well-being. That's why choosing a healthy quality, all natural pet food is a better choice for a healthier companion.

Our products contain no byproducts and range from dry food, wet food, freeze dry and raw and treats. All-natural foods are healthier and contains high quality food, whole food ingredients that does not include chemicals, fillers, artificial preservatives and additives which help pets have healthier lives and get the nutritional health they need.

We have a large selection of treats, gourmet and natural including a variety of chews. In our wellness section our customers can choose from a selection of dental care, digestive and urinary, hip and joint, stress and anxiety and vitamins and supplements. We have a vary of collars, leashes, combs, brushes, bowls, eye care, shampoos and conditioners, spritzers and sprays.

5 Ways Poor Quality Foods Affect Your Pets

Food allergies causing symptoms of chewing and biting itchy paws, flaky or dry skin, chronic ear infections.
Weakened immune system and risk of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, arthritis, pancreatitis, and urinary tract infections.
Poor digestion leading to a decrease in the nutritional benefits of foods and can reduce the pets life expectancy.
Excessive gas and/or loose stools.
Increased pet waste.

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